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Peace in living Modern new homes with modern amenities. Some of our projects we built a new homes like to discover a new various ideas which are beneficial from customer.


We provide a plotting with all amenities like road, light. Water lines etc. in affordable prices. In near by times we planning for plotting with bungalow city.


We done quality of construction in commercial projects in Kolhapur and now will start to do it in contractor-ship and development in short time in all over Pune areas.


Yug work under service industry. Also we take private and government contracts. Most of projects we have done on contractorship. Uptill now we have completed around 2lac sq.ft of construction uptill now.


Innovative plan and ideas technics we use to built homes and modernize the spaces. Built a supreme quality hours with Modern amenities is our key to success in this construction field.

Yug Sthapatya

Home interiors designed and delivered.

Yug Sthapatya

Perfection and quality every step of the way

Yug sthapatya constructions have got expertise people on board for working on any project. Each and every step of work is observed by specialize engineers structural engineer and architects. Every work done is as per rules and regulations. So quality & perfection is maintained for each work.


Superior High Quality

Professional Services

Unmatched Warranty

Yug Sthapatya

How it Works

Site Survey

Take site visit make a survey listout places near by plots & location with connectivity of plot.

Planing & Design

Make a architectural plan & design as per the planning & requirement of clients & also per suitable with location & needs of clients.

Estimation & RCC Design

Make a tentative costing of design plan for clients as per their budget with RCC design (steel design).


Start working as per design planning & execute as per the chart works.
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